What is Xtra, and How Does it Work?

  • Xtra is an optional add-on plan available to all REVEAL customers, regardless of their existing plan.
  • To enjoy the perks of Xtra, make sure you're using app versions 3.3 or higher.

How Much Does Xtra Cost?

  • Xtra is just an additional $9 a month, and it covers all cameras active on your plan. That's right, a small fee for big benefits!

Is Xtra a Recurring Charge?

  • Yes, once you activate Xtra, it starts auto-renewing, charging you on the same date every following month.

Is There a Yearly Bundle Option?

  • Unfortunately, there are no annual bundles or billing cycles for Xtra; it operates exclusively as a convenient monthly recurring charge.

Who Can Sign Up for Xtra?

  • The good news is that Xtra is available to every REVEAL data plan, no matter if you're on the Intermediate, Starter, or any other plan. It's your ticket to unlocking fantastic features!

What Does Xtra Offer?

  • Xtra comes loaded with benefits, including:
    • Unlimited HD Media: Capture the finest details with unlimited high-definition media.
    • On-Demand Photos: Get photos when you want them (not available on Gen 1 cameras).
    • Multi-Shot Photos: Enjoy the convenience of all multi-shot photos delivered directly to your app.

How Do I Sign Up for Xtra?

  • Ready to dive into Xtra goodness? Here's how to activate it:
    • Go to your Account Icon in the bottom right.
    • Select Plan.
    • Toggle the Xtra Add-On to the "On" Position.

Can I Cancel Xtra at Any Time?

  • Yes, you have the flexibility to cancel Xtra whenever you like. However, keep in mind that canceling immediately disables all unlocked features in your account, and no refunds or credits are issued for the remainder of the month. If you decide to rejoin later, you'll be back on auto-renewal.
  • To cancel, go to the account icon, select Plan, and toggle the Xtra Add-On to "Off." Confirm by selecting "Yes."

How Do I Use the On-Demand Photo Feature?

  • Taking an on-demand photo is simple:
    • Navigate to the upper left corner's Navigation Menu.
    • Select “Cameras” and choose the location of your camera.
    • Hit Gallery under the camera name.
    • Click "Take an On-Demand Photo," ensuring you have the instant settings enabled. If not, you'll be prompted to adjust them.
    • Watch the magic happen as your photo processes and appears in your photo feed and the camera's photo feed.

How Often Can I Request an On-Demand Photo?

  • After taking one, your camera will "cooldown" for 60 seconds. The button will gray out but becomes available again once the 60 seconds are up.

Can I Get an HD Photo from the On-Demand Photo?

  • Absolutely! You can request the HD Photo after it's sent to the app.

Can I Request an HD Video from the On-Demand Photo?

  • Not yet, but hang tight – HD video for On-Demand is in the works, although it's not available in the initial release of Xtra.

How Do I Get Multi-Burst Photos?

  • To enjoy Multi-Burst Photos, follow these steps:
    • Access the settings on the camera you want to use this feature.
    • Turn on Multi-Shot send.
    • Choose the number of multi-shots and the interval between them.
    • Scroll to the bottom and hit "Apply Settings."

There you have it, a comprehensive guide to the thrilling Xtra add-on for your REVEAL app.