REVEAL X 2.0 + Lithium Cartridge + 32GB SD Card

What's Included?
  • REVEAL X 2.0
  • Lithium Cartridge
  • 32GB SD Card
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Multi-Carrier SIM

Low-Glow IR

96ft+ Detection

Sub 1/2s Trigger Speed

Increased Battery Life

IP66 Waterproof Certified

Common Questions & Answers
Based on your preferred settings, the X 2.0 can capture up to 16 megapixels of resolution in each shot! Requested video also provides full high-definition video for exceptional clarity, night or day. With its low-glow IR, even night illumination can provide sharp detail up to 100ft.
The X 2.0 boasts low-glow IR, which provides better flash range that is virtually undetectable to wildlife or humans. Low-glow IR also contributes to faster trigger speeds and crisper photo captures. The X 2.0 is also our most affordable camera option and ideal for quick setup.
Many factors contribute to battery health, including photo settings, environmental temperature, camera placement, activity, etc. We recommend the Lithium Cartridge and Solar Panel accessories to eliminate trips to the field and maximize camera power.
The provided SIM card allows you to select between Verizon or AT&T during camera setup in the REVEAL mobile app. Choose the carrier with the best coverage in the area where the camera will be placed, NOT the carrier for your personal mobile devices or where you're primarily located.

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